Tuesday, October 5, 2010

looking at families

Families are interesting subjects. Most of us grew up in one. Most of us hope to one day create one of our own (if we haven't done that already). Those of us who are LDS have perhaps a different perspective on creating families - we have the Proclamation to the World explaining the divine role and purpose of families.

As I read this document, I look for cultural influences. Now, of course, I am inherently biased (we're all inherently biased in some way) about what these cultural influences are and how they might play a part. Reading the outline provided in the reading allows some breadth of understanding about how families have operated differently in different circumstances in location and time. Something I pondered is how the Proclamation applies to each of these settings.

The conclusion I've currently reached is that the Proclamation could apply to any of those settings. While the Proclamation's principles were (and are) not perfectly exemplified in all these circumstances, they could be. Not one of these settings and standards precludes the principles from being an important influence in the family life.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Please share :)

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